Pre-school Picture(s)peak

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  • Prasad Np aka desi Traveler

    Preschool is fun… that is the only school I liked :) Kid loving school it is a very good thing…but in the bargain mom will take a bit of back seat ( i think I told you so 😉 :) . But fikar not…an independent growing boy is much better than most boys who tend to remain mama’s boys for a very long time…Loved the way you have used pictures to explain the concepts of imparting values in young minds. Glad to see respect for help as one of the points…thanks.

    • Sakshi Nanda

      Yes, you told me I will be shown my place soon enough. I did remember that, @desitraveler:disqus. Happy you liked this post. I have not enjoyed creating any other parenting post as much as I did this.

  • Reema Sahay

    Such lovely pictures Sakshi [Picture 5 is the most adorable one of course]. My son’s school does not allow me to take pictures inside :-( How did you click those pictures without kids looking at you, I wonder! Even at home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to click pictures of my son. He just wants to take the camera before I have even adjusted the focus!

    • Sakshi Nanda

      I hid behind cupboards and curtains and managed to. Plus, a zoom lens helped. Children are tough to click, but when you do manage one which is not blurred, it’s a joy to preserve it. Thanks, @reemasahay:disqus

  • Rekha

    Beautiful pictures complimented with even more beautiful thoughts. Loved point number 11, 12 and 13 the most. Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy those cute little moments with my girls in the playschool. It was my sister’s job to pick and drop them. The pictures somehow make me feel, it’ll be the same everywhere. Love the innocence displayed on each of those faces. Thanks for this lovely bunch. :-)

    • Sakshi Nanda

      Thanks for reading, @disqus_z6rV768TBF:disqus

  • Pankti Mehta

    Wonderful post…reminds me of my school days 😀

    • Sakshi Nanda

      Made me wish I could go back to my school days, @panktimehta:disqus. Really! Not a care in the world! Sigh!

  • स्वाति जैन

    wow…what an elaborate and nice post…

    and each point is truly valid….

    and I know what it means – “that of dropper to-picker from school, hanging the bag and bottle behind her aging back. And turning away a little disappointed every morn”


    • Sakshi Nanda

      Thanks for reading, @disqus_Lr1VH54Hw6:disqus :)

  • Vishal Bheeroo

    Kids are amazing and oove reading this post. Sakshi Nanda does it again:)

    • Sakshi Nanda

      :) Thanks, Vishal.

  • Sunita Rajwade

    While growing up is essential and inevitable, I can understand your feelings as a mom happy and sad……….

    • Sakshi Nanda

      Thanks for reading! :)