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  • Swati Nitin Gupta

    Very well written. Could actually imagine Princess lecturing you as I also keep getting the same lectures from my four-year-old and I could also imagine your situation!

    Really interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

    • desi Traveler

      Thanks a lot Swati…, this episode made us learn a lot about our daughter :)

  • shail

    Your Princess is so sweet. She repeated your lecture back to you! :)

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Shail… thanks… yes, she remembered the lecture by heart as we asked her… I think we forgot to ask her to implement the same… :)

  • Nirvana

    Hahaha!! That kid is by far the most intelligent 5 year old I have seen or heard about!! Looks like they know much more than they let out! Awesome post!

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Meena… glad you liked it.., you are right we always underestimate our kids and overestimate ourselves as parents…

  • Roshni

    That was a good idea to have your card in her pocket! She really is a smart little girl!

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Roshni….. as a SOP we still keep our contact details on the kids…. it has helped us more than once. Now they know the numbers but still a lost kid crying a loud may not be able to remember it… hence… :)