For the Love of Movies

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  • Sirisha

    I always used to be very mad at parents with crying babies in movie theatres! So I always dread being on the other side.. I haven’t yet taken the two year old to the movies and won’t do so for a long time to come!

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Sirisha… I can totally understand…., try going to a kids animation movie and there will be 10s of kids giving company to yours :)


  • chattywren

    Lol, the idea of taking the maid to the movies is hilarious! I can count on my fingertips the number of times I’ve gone to see a movie after the kids:(

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Chattywren…. It did not worked, the maid watched more movie than us…. but we continued to try :)


  • raodivya

    Haha .. Hilarious account of maid enjoying the movie .. 😀

    I remember the time when we left behind our freshly vaccinated 4 months old, with her granny, to watch Harry Potter … I and my hubby are both Harry Potter fanatics …
    Now my kiddo is 3.5yrs old .. and we usually plan a night show … We put our kiddo to sleep and then go out for a movie … needless to say the next morning we are up at 7AM with kiddo and we both are cranky the whole day :-(

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Divya…. We all try to adjust our lives around kids… thanks for giving another idea :)

  • Roshni

    hahahha!! Totally relate to having the tomato ketchup use explained!!!

    • desi Traveler

      Thanks… well that was the easy part…, explaining all the cuss words is very tough… you don’t have a remote in the cinema hall :(

  • Swati Nitin Gupta

    Interesting read Desi Read! The maid incident was indeed hilarious!

    • desi Traveler

      Thanks Swati….I am not sure about the kids but we did had a very pampered maid :)

  • bindu

    we’ve been lucky in that respect. son used to sleep through from 2 months even through the loudest of noises and daughter followed suit :)
    now, we follow an almost similar pattern as you – father and son watched action fliks together, I take them for the animation types and we all g together for movies that all of us would love alike :)

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Bindu….. I am sure slowly all families adjust to the pattern kids are comfortable with…as they take priority. Enjoy the movies…


  • Reema Sahay

    The ‘maid’ anecdote was hilarious :-) My son is 16 months right now and we have not taken him to the theatr yet and don’t plan to do so for a while. I think we will survive. For quite sometime, we thought an enclosed space would not be healthy for a tiny baby plus the loud noise, etc, etc. Of course, we will take him to the theatre but afte a couple of years when he starts enjoying the movies.
    About us, well, I have seen exactly 3 movies in last 18-20 months (actually watched all 3 in last 3 months with a friend), without the hubby. He isn’t a movie hall buff. Ye bhi ek phase hai :-)

    • desi Traveler

      Hi Reema… no wonder the baby becomes the center of universe for a mom…, loud sounds are a big problem for babies.
      Thank god for DVD players… :)