Lead, kindly light

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  • Venetia Noronha

    Hey Vini….truly ‘actions do speak louder than words’. You must be really proud of T……After all, ‘charity does really begin from home”. Cheers and have a fabulous Diwali….

  • BlogwatiG

    Thanks Venetia. Yes, at times like these….I do feel I am doing something good… somewhere :)

  • http://umsreflections.wordpress.com UmaS

    That act of kindness is so rewarding to the mother inside you – the feeling of taught things well !!! Hugs, I too have had my share of such emotional moments :)
    As you rightly said, daughters are indeed princesses !!!

    • BlogwatiG

      Yes it was UmaS and also brought to the fore that I am under watchful eyes……all the time. You know that bit but sometimes you need it to hit you between the eyes :)

  • janu

    Speechless babe. Well done…both of you.

    • BlogwatiG

      Thanks Janu…….I am sparkling like a firework right now :)

  • http://cynthology.blogspot.in Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar

    Wow! Vinita, You must be really proud of your little girl. And rightly so. I hope you guys have a great Diwali. And I hope my kids turn out to be generous and sensitive too.

    • BlogwatiG

      I am sure they will. It is up to us to pass on pearls of wisdom one day at a time. Happy Diwali to you too!

  • http://nevermindyaar.blogspot.com KayEm

    Touched by your story. What a generous little girl.

    • BlogwatiG

      Thank you and I am a proud mommy 😀

  • http://ashreyamom.wordpress.com ashreyamom

    i am sure it must have been worth showing and teaching kids kindness na.. hugs to little angel.. let her be the same throughout her life..

    • BlogwatiG

      Those kids adore her and she loves the fact that they do. It’s a very eclectic mix of kids. Yesterday they came with homemade sweets for Diwali……sharing has got nothing to do with social status!

  • http://funtimesmumtimes.blogspot.in/ Nidhi

    I am so proud of your little one ! Meri taraf se bhi ek Lays ka packet please – thank you bolna hai :)

    • BlogwatiG

      Done Nidhi. Aap khud hi de dena next time. She will be thrilled and yes she likes cream and onion flavour 😀

  • http://www.lafemmenirvana.blogspot.in Meena

    What a lovley kid! You must be so damn proud of her. Needless to say, you’re obviously doing a wonderful job of raising her ….. thank you for bringing up one more ‘correct’ individual into the world …

    • BlogwatiG

      I hope so Meena. We can only aspire for a lifetime can sometimes be less to teach life’s lessons. We can watch, teach, pray and set them free upon a cloud of hope …..

  • http://penpaper.blogspot.com Reema Sahay

    Awww, you must be so proud of her. But actually the credit goes to you. Such a fantastic case of kids emulating parents!

    • BlogwatiG

      Actually Reema the credit goes to my mom coz I learnt this from her. She’d always be the one to give a glass of water to the postman or fisherman. She was the undisputed banker for all the maids around. So I guess I was taught well :)

  • http://www.momofbigalittlea.blogspot.com Roshni

    so very true….we can only lead by example!

    • BlogwatiG

      Thanks Roshni. A fact we so often forget…..to remember!

  • http://www.purba-ray.com purbaray

    Our children learn from observing us. We can’t expect them to be kind and generous if we don’t practice what we preach!

    I’m glad Princess has you as her Mom.

    • BlogwatiG

      I am equally glad that I am being the kind of a mother I was hoping to be. :)

  • http://www.everydaygyaan.com Corinne Rodrigues

    Why am I not surprised, Vinita? :) She’s a lot like someone I know. ♥

    • BlogwatiG

      Awwww…… Corinne you just love us too much :)

  • http://cybernag.in Zephyr

    Walking the talk is the hardest thing while parenting and blessed are those who have the knack. And children follow in the footsteps without being asked to do so. Well done, both of you :)

  • http://www.superyummyrecipes.com satya

    wonderful moment of your life indeed

  • http://sharmila-mymind.blogspot.in sharmila

    A treat for the princess when we meet .She deserves it…and you my dear ,as Queen mother do too. Lovely post BG.

  • http://shailsnest.com Shail

    “kids learn not by words but by actions”
    That is so very true.