The Best Classroom in the World

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  • manjulikapramod

    Actually a very nice lesson conveyed by your son.
    We should let the children just be the way they are.. and not keep conditions for rewarding them… Of course all parents want the best for their kids but sometimes the little ones are forced into things that makes us happy and not them.

    • Meena

      thank you so much Manjulika…… so glad you think on the same lines too…

  • Amrita Thavrani

    Aha ! I read your post today, feeling a lump in my throat. I will revisit your post on the first day of my daughter’s school. It will give be the needed strength, I assume.

    • Meena

      Thank you for the kind words, Amrita …. but let me assure you, nothing will stop your tears on your daughters first day in school …… all the best! :-)

  • Jaspreet

    Beautiful post Meena. Such an important lesson of life that we often forget.

    • Meena

      Thank you so much Jaspreet!

  • Nidhi

    Haha..’right on the teachers desk if possible’! Reminds me of my daughter’s pre-school where parents used to fight to be first in line to get their kid into the classroom – as if if being last in line would make them any less likely to get in ! I used to call it the Bombay local syndrome 😉

    • Meena

      Hahaha!! Bang on Nidhi …… this is exactly what I meant about having the ‘best’ in everything…. ‘Bombay local syndrome’ definitely describes it best! :-)

  • ashreyamom

    that is a lesson learnt.. thanks for sharing this..

    • Meena

      @ashreyamom …. thank you for reading :-)

  • Reema Sahay

    Good one :-)

    • Meena

      Thank you Reema!

  • Roshni

    what a wonderful sentiment she expressed!! So glad she’s your son’s teacher!!

    • Meena

      Yes Roshni, I do realize how lucky we are!! :-)

  • lini

    Awesome!!! You got yourself a fan….