It’s Story Time 1

It’s Story Time

Do you still remember those good night stories your grandparents used to tell you when you were a child? Aren’t the memories still fresh? Yes. Right? But when was the last time you narrated...

Effects Of Cartoon Violence On Kids 2

Effects Of Cartoon Violence On Kids

As kids most of us grew up, watching cartoons like He-man, Spiderman and Jungle book and I recollect how thrilled and excited we got at the idea of watching these cartoons. We wouldn’t want...

Of Babies And Feeding 0

Of Babies And Feeding

Why you should not worry about what your baby is eating and what he is not. Undoubtedly, feeding is instinctive and even if the new born infant is taught how to suckle for the...

Over-The-Top Parenting 7

Over-The-Top Parenting

We were having a get together at a friend’s place, and while the adults were busy chatting, the kids were busy bringing the roof down with all the noise they were making! All of...

Teaching Patriotism To Kids 0

Teaching Patriotism To Kids

We have just finished celebrating Independence Day therefore, it is a good time for teaching patriotism to kids, share the concepts of desh bhakthi and national pride. As parents, our main concern is to...

Unique Sleep Pattern of Children 0

Unique Sleep Pattern of Children

A first time mother walked in with her 3 month old daughter; looking haggard, tired and quite frustrated. She uttered most oft repeated words, “Doctor, my M has unique sleeping pattern; she sleeps through...

When Babies Talk 1

When Babies Talk

Whole world listens to babies’ first words. After all another little being has just made his presence heard! Little P’s first word was “DA”.