The Umbilical Cord Is Never Really Cut

Even if the stump falls off, the umbilical cord is never really cut

My little grandson was barely a week old when I felt something was not quite normal while we were giving him a bath. I looked around carefully and when I found something missing, I instinctively took a deep breath and shrieked “Oh my God! It’s fallen off!”

The Umbilical Cord Is Never Really Cut - Mother Always There For Kids

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Age Old Indoor Games

S vacations were on… and I was not well… didn’t have the energy to go outdoors with him for playing/cycling or play at home bat ball etc…

Then I opened his one of the birthday gifts Ludo cum Carom board.

Age Old Indoor Games - Indoor Games For Kids - Parenting

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A Mommy’s Mind

A baby is the decision to forever have your heart go walking outside your body. – From Pinterest

Before having babies, I used to just worry about my studies and then about my job. I was under the impression that if you have got a good career and a loving husband, life will be a bed of roses and the happily ever after type because nothing else seems to be as bad as working hard to pass the exams with good marks.

A Mommy’s Mind - Mother's Dilemma - Parenting

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The Choice Is Theirs

We have all traveled for a family function and are surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and the like. When my kids’ turn for taking bath comes, I call them to choose their clothes to wear for the function. My daughter keeps dilly-dallying between two dresses testing my patience. I keep hurrying her up to choose a dress to wear. One of my nephews, who is about eight years elder to my kids, looks at me, surprised. Then he blurts out this – “Chithi.. Why can’t you choose a dress for her? That’s what my mother does. She doesn’t give us a choice at all. She just picks one dress and makes sure we wear it!”

Giving Your Child Choices - The Choice Is Theirs - Parenting Lessons

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Would I Homeschool My Kids?

A couple of good friends, Indian nationals living abroad, have opted to homeschool their kids. One of them had actually tried regular schooling for her daughter, and seemed to hate it from the beginning. The other didn’t even bother trying a traditional schooling environment. Her kids have never experienced going to school. Both of them are very happy with their choice.

Would I Homeschool My Kids? - Homeschooling In India

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Respect – It Needs To Be Earned !!

The other day, as I was heading back home from work, I was indeed looking for a semblance of peace on the bus. What I encountered instead, was a war of words between a mother and daughter. The mom was in an absolutely furious state of mind and both the ladies were flashing daggers at each other. I dug around in my bag for my earphones because something told me that what was happening right then was just the lull before the storm. As always, Mr.Murphy proved triumphant once again as I realized that I’d left my earphones behind at school.

Respect Given Is Respect Earned - Parenting - Teaching Kids Manners

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Sky Is Not The Only Limit

In our middle class set up anything out of the ordinary not only raises eyebrows but also attracts more than just attention. People stare openly with curiosity, disdain and sometimes approval – all depending on what kind of reaction is warranted.

Encourage Your Child To Do His/her Thing

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Travelling With Child(ren)

Over last 36 years, I have gathered enough anecdotes to fill a book on how parents / children suffered for lack of proper planning while touring and would like to offer a checklist/doable list on planning towards health while touring.

Travel Health Kit - Travelling With Child - Travel Insurance
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Memories Of Summers Past

Early this morning I was woken up by what I call ‘summer sounds’ the call of the Koel who drives you mad with her ever rising cadences as she calls out to her mate. I also hear the crows cawing raucously and the sweet chirping of the sparrows. With the air distinctly cool in the morning, somehow these sounds which tend to get lost in the noise of the modern world are crystal clear and remind me of those summer holidays in the distant past.

Memories Of Summers Past - Memories - Travel Memories

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